Portrait Collection

Never before in United States military history has such a major photographic collection been assembled of esteemed heroes who embody the spirit of America.

Based on the theme: "Photography's Power to Advance Human Values", The goal is to educate and elevate awareness of positive achievement in the face of great adversity through the display of "Portraits of Valor," with accompanying inspiring stories and motivational quotes. The objective to see The Collection reside within the archives of prominent museums and institutions, where the Medal of Honor and the men who earned it will be enshrined forever.

Only 35 of The Collection portfolios remain; and for the first time, they are being offered for public acquisition. The body of work consists of 155 contemporary black and white portraits of Medal of Honor recipients; each portfolio is signed by award-winning documentary portrait photographer, Nick Del Calzo; imprinted with the official Medal of Honor Foundation seal; and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. A portion of the proceeds from each acquisition will benefit the Congressional Medal of Honor Society to further its mission of perpetuating the legacy of the honorees. Only 80 of the 155 men included in The Collection are still alive.

Corporations, foundations and individuals will be offered this opportunity to aquire The Collection for corporate use and urged to ultimately donate The Collection to a prominent museum or institution (see list).

Quote: These portfolios will live in the archives of museums for centuries. There is nothing quite like viewing old photographs of remarkable people who played a significant role in the history of our country.

The Medal of Honor Collection is truly an American treasure of our nation's most honored heroes. These historical photographs represent an enduring legacy of common men who responded with uncommon valor.

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